Jewish Studies

The Story of the Jews
Finding The Words: 1000 Bce-1492-ce
Written by Simon Schama;
The Brother Haggadah
A Medieval Sephardi Masterpiece in Facsimile
Written by Marc Michael Epstein;
The People and the Books
18 Classics of Jewish Literature
Written by Adam Kirsch;
Open Heart
Written by Elie Wiesel; Translated by Marion Wiesel;
Where the Jews Aren't
The Sad and Absurd Story of Birobidzhan, Russia’s Jewish Autonomous Region
Written by Masha Gessen;
Man's Search for Meaning, Gift Edition
Written by Viktor E. Frankl; Foreword by Harold S. Kushner; Afterword by William J. Winslade;
Venice, the Jews, and Europe
Written by Donatella Calabi;