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Canadian History

Into the Blizzard
Walking the Fields of the Newfoundland Dead
Written by Michael Winter;
One Day in August
The Untold Story Behind Canada’s Tragedy at Dieppe
Written by David O’Keefe;
Canada Transformed
The Speeches of Sir John A. Macdonald
Edited by Sarah Gibson; Edited by Arthur Milnes;
At the Sharp End Volume One
Canadians Fighting the Great War 1914-1916
Written by Tim Cook;
Shock Troops
Canadians Fighting The Great War 1917-1918 Volume Two
Written by Tim Cook;
The War That Ended Peace
The Road To 1914
Written by Margaret MacMillan;
Valour Road
Only 71 Canadians Were Awarded The Victoria Cross In Wwi Three
Written by John Nadler;
Cold Fire
Kennedy’s Northern Front
Written by John Boyko;
Paris 1919
Six Months That Changed the World
Written by Margaret MacMillan; Foreword by Richard Holbrooke;
Canada Always
The Defining Speeches of Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Written by Arthur Milnes;
Canoe Country
The Making of Canada
Written by Roy MacGregor;
Rise to Greatness
The History of Canada From the Vikings to the Present
Written by Conrad Black;
How French Canadians Shaped North America
Edited by Andre Pratte; Edited by Jonathan Kay;
Canada in the Great Power Game
Written by Gwynne Dyer;
The Idea of Canada
Letters to a Nation
Written by David Johnston;
Fight to the Finish
Canadians in the Second World War, 1944-1945
Written by Tim Cook;