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I have to live
Written by Aisha Sasha John;
Cardinal in the Eastern White Cedar
Written by Roo Borson;
Admission Requirements
Written by Phoebe Wang;
Thing Is
Written by Suzannah Showler;
Red Doc>
Written by Anne Carson;
Written by Matt Rader;
The Names
Written by Tim Lilburn;
Settler Education
Written by Laurie D. Graham;
Don't Be Interesting
Written by Jacob McArthur Mooney;
Hacker Packer
Written by Cassidy McFadzean;
A New Index for Predicting Catastrophes
Written by Madhur Anand;
Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent
Written by Liz Howard;
The Wrong Cat
Written by Lorna Crozier;
Written by Adam Sol;
Written by Anne Michaels; Illustrated by Bernice Eisenstein;
Supplying Salt and Light
Written by Lorna Goodison;
Written by Don McKay;
A Wild Peculiar Joy
The Selected Poems
Written by Irving Layton;
Origami Dove
Written by Susan Musgrave;
Small Mechanics
Written by Lorna Crozier;
Deepwater Vee
Written by Melanie Siebert;
Written by Dionne Brand;
Book of Mercy
Written by Leonard Cohen;
Morning in the Burned House
Written by Margaret Atwood;
The Door
Written by Margaret Atwood;
The Last Poems of Margaret Avison
Written by Margaret Avison;
The Second Blush
Written by Molly Peacock;
The Blue Hour of the Day
Selected Poems
Written by Lorna Crozier;
Skin Divers
Written by Anne Michaels;
Book of Longing
Written by Leonard Cohen;
Let Us Compare Mythologies
Written by Leonard Cohen;
Written by Dionne Brand;
Written by Don McKay;
Written by Don McKay;
Short Journey Upriver toward Oishida
Written by Roo Borson;
Missing Children
Written by Lynn Crosbie;
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