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Written by Paul Auster;
Dead Right
Written by Peter Robinson;
Cold Is the Grave
Written by Peter Robinson;
Innocent Graves
Written by Peter Robinson;
Julieta (Movie Tie-In Edition)
Three Stories That Inspired the Movie
Written by Alice Munro;
An Innocent in Cuba
Written by David McFadden;
Quebec 1760-1791
The Revolutionary Age
Written by Hilda Neatby;
Canada 1874-1896
Arduous Destiny
Written by P.B. Waite;
Canada Under Louis XIV 1663-1701
Written by William John Eccles;
The Atlantic Provinces 1712-1857
The Emergence of Colonial Society
Written by W. Stewart Macnutt;
Canada 1922-1939
Decades of Discord
Written by John Herd Thompson; Written by Allen Seager;
New France 1744-1760
The Last Phase
Written by George F.G. Stanley;
The Union of the Canadas 1841-1857
The Growth of Canadian Institutions
Written by J.M.S. Careless;
Canada 1957-1967
The Years of Uncertainty and Innovation
Written by J.L. Granatstein;
The Critical Years 1857-1873
The Union of British North America
Written by W.L. Morton;
The Beginnings of New France 1524-1663
Written by Marcel Trudel; Translated by Patricia Claxton;
Lower Canada 1791-1840
Social Change & Nationalism
Written by Fernand Ouellet; Translated by Patricia Claxton;
Canada 1896-1921
A Nation Transformed
Written by Robert Craig Brown; Written by Ramsay Cook;
New France 1701-1744
A Supplement to Europe
Written by Dale Miquelon;
Upper Canada 1784-1841
The Formative Years
Written by Gerald M. Craig;
The Forked Road
Canada 1939-1957
Written by Donald Creighton;
The Fur Trade and the Northwest to 1857
Written by Edwin E. Rich;
The Hanging Valley
Written by Peter Robinson;
My Life and Career
Written by Darryl Sittler; Written by Mike Leonetti;
Wednesday's Child
Written by Peter Robinson;
Canada Always
The Defining Speeches of Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Written by Arthur Milnes;
Written by Anne Carson;
Past Reason Hated
Written by Peter Robinson;
Autobiography of Red
A Novel in Verse
Written by Anne Carson;
Final Account
Written by Peter Robinson;
50 Goals in 39 Games: Wayne Gretzky and the Story of Hockey’s Greatest Record
Written by Mike Brophy; Written by Todd Denault;
The Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club
Official Centennial Publication
Written by Kevin Shea; Written by Jason Wilson; Foreword by Brendan Shanahan;
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