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Holiday House

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Mending Horses
Written by M. P. Barker;
No Swimming for Nelly
Written by Valeri Gorbachev;
Dinosaur Discoveries
Written by Gail Gibbons;
A Frog's Life
Written by Irene Kelly; Illustrated by Margherita Borin;
Boat Book
Written by Gail Gibbons;
Step by Step
Written by Loreen Leedy;
First Star
A Bear and Mole Story
Written by Will Hillenbrand;
A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson
Written by David A. Adler; Illustrated by John Wallner; Illustrated by Alexandra Wallner;
A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy
Written by David A. Adler; Illustrated by Robert Casilla;
Galaxies, Galaxies!
Second Edition
Written by Gail Gibbons;
Who Will Bell the Cat?
Written by Patricia C. McKissack; Illustrated by Christopher Cyr;
Washington D.C. From A-Z
Written by Alan Schroeder; Illustrated by John O’Brien;
Dance, Dance, Dance!
Written by Ethan Long;
Pig and Cat Are Pals
Written by Douglas Florian;
A Mammal is an Animal
Written by Lizzy Rockwell;
Big Tree Down!
Written by Laurie Lawlor; Illustrated by David Gordon;
Second Edition
Written by Gail Gibbons;
The Planets
Fourth Edition
Written by Gail Gibbons;
Rodent Rascals
Written by Roxie Munro;
One Tractor
Written by Alexandra Siy; Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers;
Read and See
Written by Bill Kontzias;
Susie Q Fights Back
Written by Jane Cutler;
Take the Mummy and Run
The Riot Brothers Are on a Roll
Written by Mary Amato; Illustrated by Ethan Long;
Before She was Harriet
Written by Lesa Cline-Ransome; Illustrated by James E. Ransome;
The 12 Days of Christmas
Written by Jane Cabrera;
Snickerdoodle Takes the Cake
Written by Ethan Long;
A Child's Christmas in Wales
Gift Edition
Written by Dylan Thomas; Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman;
Stinky and Successful
The Riot Brothers Never Stop
Written by Mary Amato; Illustrated by Ethan Long;
The Good Samaritan and Other Parables
Gift Edition
Written by Tomie dePaola;
Written by Jon McGoran;
Wake Up, Tug!
Written by Michael Garland;
New Red Bike!
Written by James E. Ransome;
Drooling and Dangerous
The Riot Brothers Return!
Written by Mary Amato; Illustrated by Ethan Long;
Pizza Mouse
Written by Michael Garland;
A Hippo in Our Yard
Written by Liza Donnelly;
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