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A Letter From The Editor


Dear Reader,

I know that we book-lovers often speak in superlatives when it comes to our favourite subject, but in the case of Danielle Trussoni’s new memoir, I can’t help myself. The Fortress is an extraordinary piece of writing, and I am thrilled to share it with you. If Danielle’s name rings a bell, it might be because you read her internationally acclaimed first memoir, Falling Through the Earth. Or perhaps you became obsessed with celestial folklore after racing through her astonishing novel, Angelology, which was a global sensation published in more than thirty languages.

Whether she’s writing memoirs or fiction, Danielle approaches all her work with great observational power and from a deep well of personal experience. Her language is lush and evocative, and her ability to create vivid, almost tactile, worlds makes her a writer who is impossible to ignore. That is why it is such an honour to be the Canadian publisher for her new memoir, The Fortress: A Love Story.

In The Fortress, Trussoni transports readers to the South of France, to the small village of Aubais, where she and her young family move into a medieval fortress, La Commanderie. Surrounded by great beauty and the Mediterranean culture of the Languedoc region, Danielle and her husband hope to save their failing marriage. But soon the fortress takes on a life of its own—becoming a haunting symbol of the dark walls growing between them. Ultimately, Trussoni is forced to consider the truth of her marriage. This is the profound and courageous story she now brings us in The Fortress.

Reminiscent of Elena Ferrante’s most emotionally honest work, Trussoni’s bold memoir will leave readers spellbound, and will resonate with anyone who has risked everything in search of true happiness.

I hope you’ll be enthralled by The Fortress as much as I am, and I look forward to hearing what you think.


Zoe Maslow

The Fortress
Written by Danielle Trussoni;