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The Appetite Test Kitchen: Decorating with a Pro

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After spending a few days with Rosie, you notice a couple of things: First, Rosie truly is Sweetapolita—from her tireless devotion to coming up with the perfect white cake (one that you can keep in the fridge, but still tastes great when you bring it to room temperature) to her easygoing personality and perfect pink, scalloped clutch. The other, which defies several laws of physics—not to mention the Vancouver climate—is her hair always looks that good. She is, without a doubt, the real thing and a pleasure to spend time with.

Rosie had a packed schedule when she visited the West Coast. She went from CTV Morning Live Vancouver to a handful of book signings to Global News Noon Hour to a cooking demo for pastry students from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts to the CBC North by Northwest Cooking Club. Here is a shot from the CBC taping at Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks, where she made the Best-Ever-Buttermilk Cake and Chocolate Cloud Frosting from the book. You can get the recipe and listen to the broadcast here

Later that evening Rosie came to the Appetite office where we had a reception for our friends from the Food Bloggers of Canada and Rosie showed us how to decorate a Rainbows & Sprinkles Cake (sneak peak here). I unveiled the cake to a rapt audience and made a toast to Rosie with a glass of prosecco… that’s how we do it at Appetite. 

Rosie said the secret to the best sprinkles is to mix and match all of your favorites. She goes to a bulk food store and designs the perfect custom blend. 

To apply, Rosie just picked up a handful and pressed them on the cake with her palm.  Rosie’s cakes look complicated because they are so gorgeous, but every recipe is kid-friendly and very doable at home. Check out this post from Lindsey Reeder, the multi-talented online marketing coordinator for Penguin Random House, who teamed up with her niece and to make Birthday Cake Milkshakes (yes, those two awesome things are now one awesome thing) and Sprinkle-Me-Silly Pizza. Read the post hereand get the pizza recipe here.

Rosie made quick work of the sprinkles… I was drinking off to the side. 

While the Appetite team and the food bloggers snacked on cheese from Les Amis du Fromage in Kitsilano, including the phenomenal “Moonstruck Baby Blue”.  

Rosie said that the secret to piping is moving fast…

…which was perfect, because everyone wanted cake! Rosie did the honors.

Another great thing about Rosie’s white cake is how beautifully it looks with a little color! 

And, I promise, it tastes as good as it looks! 

That’s a wrap! Thanks to Rosie for the lovely time! Stay tuned the next Appetite Test Kitchen.