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May Love Seize You

ANNE MICHAELS is a novelist and poet. Her books are translated into more than...


may love seize you 

may the mountain pass always be open

may you continue to carry cases of champagne in the night streets 

may you always know the company of animals, and sing to the cows and the crows 

may you always read in bed with the ones you love most 

may the flash of lightining illuminate a wild joy in your face even in the shipwreck 

may you elude the hook of despair like a fish free in a stream 

may nakedness be your best disguise 

may the family of friends continue to save each other in the avalanche and in drought 

may you always know ferocity, generosity

may you continue to shout defiance 

may you stay awake until the beginning of the story 

may you continue never to waste a moment, or a breath 

may time never have its way with you 

may first light bring an answer 

may love seize you 

All We Saw
Written by Anne Michaels;