Coming Soon from Tundra

An Armadillo in Paris
Written by Julie Kraulis;
Peace Walker
The Legend of Hiawatha and Tekanawita
Written by C.J. Taylor;
Bob's Hungry Ghost
Written by Genevieve Cote;
The Swallow: A Ghost Story
Written by Charis Cotter;
Who Needs a Desert?
A Desert Ecosystem
Written by Karen Patkau;
Who Needs a Prairie?
A Grassland Ecosystem
Written by Karen Patkau;
Who Needs a Reef?
A Coral Ecosystem
Written by Karen Patkau;
Hope Springs
Written by Eric Walters; Illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes;
The Rephaim, Book 2
Written by Paula Weston;
The Rephaim, Book 1
Written by Paula Weston;
Every Breath
Written by Ellie Marney;
Peter Puck and the Runaway Zamboni Machine
Written by Brian Mcfarlane; Illustrated by Geri Storey;
Puckster's Christmas Hockey Tournament
Written by Lorna Schultz Nicholson; Illustrated by Kelly Findley;
Edie's Ensembles
Written by Ashley Spires;
The Last Song
Written by Eva Wiseman;
The Green Man
Written by Michael Bedard;
The Hockey Sweater, Anniversary Edition
Written by Roch Carrier; Illustrated by Sheldon Cohen; Translated by Sheila Fischman;