Black History Month
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Black History Month

Celebrating influential black voices of past and present


‘If You Don’t Have Hope, Then Why Go On?’:
An Interview with Colson Whitehead

Talking with the author of The Underground Railroad about knowing when the time is right to write a book, schools skipping over slavery, and why Sonic Youth made his acknowledgments page.

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History & Education

The State of Black Mourning

Illustration by Ping Zhu

For the past five centuries being black has meant collectively experiencing grief in ways that the rest of society does not understand and cannot fully comprehend.

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Know Your History, Know Your Greatness

In Canadian schools, Black history is too often left off the curriculum. Small heritage sites are trying, despite the odds, to ensure the next generation hears these stories.

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Biographies, Essays & Memoirs

‘We Don’t Need Another Black Woman in Rock ‘n’ Roll’:
How Betty Davis Challenged the Music Industry

On the legacy of the ‘70s singer and the important influence of iconic black women.

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Critical Failure

Armond White’s film reviews were once electric: part historical analysis, part posturing, part insult comedy, an attempt to take black art—and art in general—seriously. What happened?

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Young Readers

‘A Reckoning with the Hardships of the Past and Present’:
An Interview with David Chariandy

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