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Whatever Happened to Daddy’s Little Girl?

The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women

Publisher: One World
What happens to a little girl who grows up without a father? Can she ever feel truly loved and fully alive? Does she ever heal--or is she doomed to live a wounded, fragmented life and to pass her wounds down to her own children? Fatherlessness afflicts nearly half the households in America, and it has reached epidemic proportions in the African-American community, with especially devastating consequences for black women. In this powerful book, accomplished journalist Jonetta Rose Barras breaks the code of silence and gives voice to the experiences of America's fatherless women--starting with herself.

Passionate and shockingly frank, Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl? is the first book to explore the plight of America's fatherless daughters from the unique perspective of the African-American community. This brilliant volume gives all fatherless daughters the knowledge that they are not alone and the courage to overcome the hidden pain they have suffered for so long.


Open the world to me it’s been closed dark, flat i kept thinking i would fall off if i went to the edge but there was nothing only a circle, waiting to repeat itself and me wondering why every little girl needs a daddy before she can ever become a woman for some man to love. —Excerpted from “Father,...
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--Chicago Tribune

"VIVID, PIERCING . . . THIS BOOK HAS GREAT VALUE. . . . [Barras] speaks with the passion and penetrating detail of one who has firsthand experience."
--The Washington Times