Ecological Gardening

Your Path to a Healthy Garden

Publisher: Random House Canada
Marjorie Harris returns with a completely updated edition of her sixteen-year-old classic guide to gardening with the environment in mind.

In her witty and accessible style, Marjorie Harris – who has been an organic gardener since the 1960s – encourages the Canadian gardener to get back to basics. With information updated for today’s society, Ecological Gardening shows how little use pesticides and chemicals are when making a lush and abundant garden. In 1992, when the book was first published, gardening ecologically was a choice – now, it’s absolutely a matter of proper stewardship. With a society intent on leaving as small a footprint on the earth as possible, there is no better time than now for this important and vital book.



There is an ancient rule about the soil: keep it covered because if you don’t, the weeds will. Though grass has been regarded as the ne plus ultra of ground covers, it isn’t really. It doesn’t provide habitat for insects, so think about other...
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