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Deep River Night

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
In the tradition of Cormac McCarthy, Russell Banks, and Annie Proulx, the much-anticipated new novel by the bestselling author of Red Dog, Red Dog is set over the course of 48 hours in a remote sawmill community where violence, complicity, and inaction run deep.

World War Two vet Art Kenning is the alcoholic first-aid man in an isolated sawmill village in the interior of B.C., where he dreads the sound of the five whistles that summon him to the mill floor whenever a worker is hurt. Traumatized by an incident in Holland, when he stood by while members of his unit committed a horrific act, he loses himself in drink, and in memories of the love affair he had with a woman in wartime Paris. But the sad comfort of his self-imposed detachment is shattered when one of the most powerful men at the mill arrives at his door late one evening to ask for his help. What unfolds over the course of that night and following day will force Art to confront acts of evil, both in the present and the past, as well as the tragic consequences of his own inaction.
.Alternating with Art's story are the stories of Joel, a teenaged runaway who owes his life to Art, Wang Po, the mill's cook and a survivor of the Rape of Nanjing, Alice, a young Indigenous girl sold from a residential school, and, Cliff, a Metis man with a hidden past. These lives, and more, intertwine to reveal a complex, morally ambiguous community where the undercurrents of violence and complicity are never far from the surface.
     Writing with exquisite precision and emotional force, Patrick Lane gives us a novel whose darkness is fractured by moments of light. Deep River Night is a riveting story about the burden of bearing witness to a terrible crime


Advance Praise for Deep River Night:

“Patrick Lane is one of the finest writers I know.” —David Adams Richards, author of Principles to Live By

“In a novel that journeys from wartime Europe and China to the remote interior of B.C., Patrick Lane offers us a wise, profound meditation on loss, longing, and the struggle for redemption. It is a work of art in which every sentence sings, revealing love and beauty hidden in unexpected lives and places. Deep River Night is a wonder.” —Guy Vanderhaeghe, author of Daddy Lenin and Other Stories

“The power of Patrick Lane’s prose springs from lived experience, shaped and tempered by the astonishing skill acquired through a lifetime in poetry. Lane has history with this world, these men—the kind of history that sticks in the mind’s eye—and he lays bare the inner workings of a broken mind, sheltering against the unbearable past and bombarded by it anyway. This a mourning book, elegiac, bloody, all fire and ashes, but taking great care for what gentleness may be left in the world.” —Marina Endicott, author of Close to Hugh

Ablaze with a savage compassion, Deep River Night is a vast, sweeping novel of war, loss, violence, and forgiveness. This is Patrick Lane’s song of experience, written in a prose of shadow and light, exquisite as an ink painting, exploring the ways the past will not leave us alone. It is a gorgeous, furious achievement, a work of art of the highest order.” —Steven Price, author of By Gaslight