Business Models for Teams

See How Your Organization Really Works and How Each Person Fits In

Publisher: Portfolio
Are you frustrated by...

• Explaining and re-explaining what people on your team should do?
• Solving problems that others should be able to solve for themselves?
• Supervising and micromanaging, rather than strategizing and leading?

Business Models for Teams will help you overcome these problems. It applies the same simple visual tools that made Business Model Generation and Business Model You so popular and successful around the world. In fact, this book may be the last teamwork toolkit you will ever need!

Most leaders over-rely on verbal and written communications. But that approach is outmoded in today’s systems-driven world. Instead, the Business Model Canvas visually depicts how your team really works and how each person fits into the overall mission. It enables people to recognize what needs doing at any given moment—without being asked.


“An easy read with a powerful punch. This is a tremendously practical and thoughtfully insightful tool for leaders seeking to harness the untapped potentialof their teams.”
—GENERAL STANLEY McCHRYSTAL, author of Team of Teams

Business Models for Teams covers how I’ve coached inside Google with the Canvas—and more.”
—BRIAN K. HANEY, program manager, Google Cloud Platform Support Team

“An excellent compendium of actionable tips for anyone looking to strengthen their teams.”
—SCOTT BELSKY, entrepreneur, investor, author of Making Ideas Happen

“This is what innovation demands: ways to get team members themselves to enthusiastically define and execute business models.”
—NICOLAS BURKHARDT, CEO, Kopfspringer GmbH, Germany

“Finally! A practical way to link individual actions to enterprise aims.”
—JAIME SCHETTINI, leadership and career coach, Brazil