The Charming Predator

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
She fell in love with him, they married and then she found out who he was: a conman who was determined to destroy her. 

     The instant bestselling story of Lee Mackenzie, who was a capable and confident young woman, studying broadcast journalism and honing her skills of observation and objectivity. She was also a little unworldly, the product of a small, rural Western Canadian community where doors were never locked and life was simple and direct. On a backpacking trip in the UK, she met the man who would become her husband. A man who everyone agreed was one of the most intelligent, charming people they had ever met. Easy to like, easy to believe. Easy to love. A man without mercy who shattered her emotionally, psychologically and financially.
     Decades later, Kenner Jones is at large today, having committed crimes around the world under a series of fake names and personas. He has been described—by a seasoned US immigration officer—as "the best conman I have ever encountered."
     No one got closer to Kenner Jones than Lee Mackenzie. In The Charming Predator, he is unmasked for the first time.



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National Bestseller

"Lee Mackenzie had brains, looks and talent. . . . So how could she fall for a con man who very nearly destroyed her and who managed to spread lies and misery across three continents? For every time you've read a tale of the criminal's wife (Ruth Madoff, are you listening?) and wondered 'How did she not know?', this is your answer. . . . How he does it, how she got out of the trap and how he managed to slip out of Canada and spread his cons elsewhere make this true-crime book solid reading." —The Globe and Mail

"[The Charming Predator] is no ordinary true-crime book. Mackenzie isn't writing about a guy who did some awful things to another person; she's writing about a man she loved, who turned her happy life into a years-long odyssey of misery and fear of what might happen next. A riveting memoir." —Winnipeg Free Press

"This is the surprisingly well-documented story of [Mackenzie's] courtship and marriage, a brief union that cleaned out her bank account and brought the cops to her door. Jones comes across as a troubled man with a pathological need to deceive and betray, perhaps no one more than himself." —Toronto Star

"This is no ordinary true-crime book. . . . It's a riveting memoir." —The Chronicle Herald