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In a Dry Season

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Widely acclaimed as Robinson's best and most ambitious novel, In a Dry Season takes the Inspector Banks series to chilling new heights.

During a blistering summer, drought has depleted  orn eld Reservoir, revealing the ruins of Hobb's End, the small Yorkshire village that lay at its bottom. When a boy finds a skeleton buried in the ruins, Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks faces the daunting challenge of identifying the victim--a woman who lived in a place that no longer exists, whose neighbours have scattered to the winds . . . and whose killer has escaped detection for half a century.
     With the help of Detective Sergeant Annie Cabbot, Banks uncovers long-kept secrets in a community that has resolutely concealed its past. As they unravel the deceptive and desperate relationships of a half-century ago, suspense heightens, and the past  finally bursts into the present with terrifying consequences.