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Dead Right

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Masterfully written and pulsing with suspense, Peter Robinson delivers a mystery ripped straight from the headlines in the ninth installment of the award-winning Inspector Banks series.

On a rainy night in Eastvale, a young man is found in an alleyway, smashed over the head with a beer bottle and beaten to death. What first looks like a typical after-hours pub brawl gone wrong soon becomes more complex and sinister. The victim, Jason Fox, was a member of the Albion League, a white power organization, and had recently been let go from his job because of his racist views.
     There are many who might have wished Jason dead: the Pakistani youths he insulted in the pub earlier that evening; the shady friends of his business partner; or perhaps someone within the Albion League
itself. Just when Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks thinks he has a handle on the case, an unexpected discovery forces him to reconsider everything he believes.