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The Hormone Boost

How to Power Up Your Six Essential Hormones for Strength, Energy and Weight Loss

Publisher: Random House Canada
New York Times bestselling author Dr. Natasha Turner, ND, returns with a simple and effective wellness plan that harnesses the power of the six hormones linked to weight loss, strength and energy.

When it comes to metabolism, energy, immunity, memory, mood and strength, who doesn't need a boost now and then? The Hormone Boost represents a breakthrough by offering, for the first time, a weight loss and wellness solution that focuses on a combination of six specific hormones.
     Although it is widely accepted that the thyroid hormones influence energy levels and weight loss efforts, The Hormone Boost reveals how the impact of five other hormones--testosterone and DHEAs, adiponectin, growth hormone, adrenalin, and glucagon--are equally important when trying to lose weight and optimize health.
    Unlike the methods shared in Dr. Turner's previous books, which focused on identifying and solving hormonal imbalances, this groundbreaking and proven plan suits everyone--not just those experiencing symptoms of hormone disruption--by optimizing what's right rather than correcting what's wrong.
     With over 60 recipes and a simple Pick-4 guide that allows you to create hormone-optimizing meals, smoothies and salads, Dr. Turner's program ensures the right balance of carbs, fat and protein at each meal. The Hormone Boost also features: simple steps to prep your home and body for a hormone boost, daily tracking aids, a weekly workout plan emphasizing strength training, supplement advice, and inspiring success stories from people who have experienced the benefits of this unique program.


The conversation that started me down the Hormone Boost path made me realize how many people these days fit into a “just okay” mold—a way of existing from day to day that isn’t awful but sure isn’t great, either. Perhaps you feel the same way. When I stopped and really thought about it, I...
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“If you’re struggling with weight and not sure where to start, look no more—The Hormone Boost makes weight loss both understandable and doable. You’ll discover how to make each meal the right balance of protein, carbs and fats, and you’ll get a blueprint with simple steps to prep your home and body. It’s the first weight-loss book to address the SUM of you, not just SOME of you.” —Mache Seibel, MD, bestselling author of The Estrogen Window and faculty member, Harvard Medical School

“Dr. Natasha Turner provides a comprehensive discussion of how and why dietary carbohydrates create metabolic mischief in our bodies. Using a unique but common-sense approach, Dr. Turner unravels the mysteries behind why we gain weight, and shows how choosing the right carbs and avoiding the wrong ones can make or break a weight loss effort.” —William Davis, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health
“This is a very valuable addition to any thinking dieter’s bookshelf.” —The Vancouver Sun Blog Network

“Coming in as a skeptic, I set the book down feeling like I had another confidant fighting the good fight with me . . . one meal at a time. . . . [The Carb Sensitivity Program] stands on a solid foundation created by her first two books. . . . The CSP leaves no room for wonder and keeps its readers fully aware of tools to use and knowledge about their respective ‘next step.’ . . . Dr. Turner builds enough context to get you motivated and she delivers a clear and detailed plan to guarantee success in the program.” —Breaking Muscle

“Packed with inspiring case studies, flavourful, wholesome recipes, and meal plans designed to boost energy while also testing for carbohydrate tolerance, The Carb Sensitivity Program will give readers the tools they require to lose weight, gain valuable insight into their bodies, and achieve vibrant, long-lasting health.” —Cook Book Mix (audio review)

“Natasha Turner [is] my new hero! . . . Dr. Natasha Turner’s book is my new ‘bible’ and I recommend it to everyone.” —Lean & Green (blog)

“Following Dr. Natasha Turner’s advice will result in significantly better hormone balance and overall health—and lead to sustained weight loss for as long as her program is followed. Very highly recommended!” ––Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, acclaimed author and pioneer of natural hormone replacement therapy
“Dr. Turner shows how hormonal imbalance sabotages weight loss. In order to lose weight, you have to eat real food and keep your hormones balanced, whatever your age. The Hormone Diet and The Supercharged Hormone Diet are great books.” ––Suzanne Somers, author of Sexy Forever