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Don’t Be Interesting


Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
An acclaimed finalist for the International Dylan Thomas Prize -- and one of our most galvanizing poets -- takes on The Future in a sharply perceptive and provocative new collection of poetry.

Don’t Be Interesting is a collection that grapples with The Future – as public morality-keeper and private reckoner. The book explores the lines dividing the present from both the future and the past. Its channels include all the breadth of mass experience, from film and sport to science fiction novels, war, history, technology, and biography. Part travelogue, the book dredges up mid-century optimisms in Europe and America. In tones that range from wryly empathetic to downright caustic, Don’t Be Interesting calls out to idols and villains, from athletes to folk heroes to musicians to war criminals, and asks us what becomes of the future once the past and present have merged into one?


Praise for Jacob McArthur Mooney:

• "With big ideas and microscopic detail, [Mooney’s poetry] defies easy sound bites, and it is electric with insight and currency." --Arc Poetry Magazine 

• "His poems are subtle and intelligent, with a wry brand of tenderness, his humour sparking with a Generation Y refusal of full-on Gen-X ironic distance." --Globe and Mail 

• "Mooney proves himself capable of drawing unexpected connections across far-flung intellectual terrain, and of telling a good yarn without sacrificing linguistic interest." --The Bull Calf