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Brigid Quinn Series

A Twist of the Knife

Publisher: Penguin Canada
Heroes and villains, they all got family.
That's one lesson Brigid Quinn learned during her three decades in the FBI—as well as how to single-handedly take down serial killers and drug cartels. And ex-FBI agents have family too, Brigid recognizes when her mother calls from Florida to say that her father is in the hospital with pneumonia. Returning home is never easy for Brigid, who greatly prefers her new life in Arizona. But at least it gives her a chance to look up Laura Coleman, a former colleague who once saved Brigid's life—and who's now working with a criminal defense attorney to try and exonerate Marcus Creighton, a prisoner on death row for the murder of his family. It's a famous case that sets off alarm bells for Brigid. Worried as she is about Laura, Brigid welcomes the distraction from her ailing but once-tough father, her vaguely accusatory mother, and her aloof brother. But as she begins to wonder about her own family's secrets, Brigid is shaken by the treacherous thought: What if Creighton didn't do it? Juggling her family and this investigation is hard enough, but Creighton's case seems ever more convoluted as the clock ticks toward his execution. After all . . . isn't the truth always hardest to see when it's close to home?


"A crime novel that transcends the genre―a twisting, high-stakes story with characters so real and so recognizably human, that it breaks your heart a little. Brilliant." ―Shari Lapena, author of the New York Times bestseller The Couple Next Door

"Brilliant, intricate, authentic and sometimes raw, this is a masterfully written story that'll quicken your pulse and challenge the grey matter too.  Brigid Quinn is my new favourite female investigator.  Loved it!" ―Gilly Macmillan, bestselling author of What She Knew 

"It's easy to see why Becky Masterman has so many fans. Her portrait of former FBI agent Brigid Quinn is one of the most original I've seen in years. A Twist of the Knife offers lots of surprises and an ending that will have you thinking about the novel long after you finish the last page." ―D. J. McIntosh, bestselling author of the Mesopotamian Trilogy

"Edgar-finalist Masterman presents a compassionate, clear-eyed depiction of the painful foibles of human nature in her chilling, twist-filled third thriller…A compelling, complex lead, Brigid has no problem skirting the straight and narrow in her quest for justice." ―Publishers Weekly

“Certain to fuel the growing readership for this original series.” – Library Journal 

“Quinn’s smart and valiant tussle with the corrupt and stupid people caught up in the murder case…makes for the kind of terrific read we’ve grown accustomed to in Masterman’s books.” – The Toronto Star

Praise for Brigid Quinn and Fear the Darkness:

"Tightly crafted and brilliantly paced, Fear the Darkness is a page-turner of a read filled with secrets, science, and sleuthing. Seeing the world through Brigid Quinn's eyes has officially become my new addiction." ―Ami McKay, bestselling author of The Witches of New York

"Masterman's retired FBI agent Brigid Quinn is the female equivalent of Harry Bosch--she's looked evil in the eye and made it blink." ―Linwood Barclay, bestselling author of The Twenty-Three

"[A] superior series....The strong voice that Masterman established for Brigid in Rage Against the Dying excels in this sequel." ―The Associated Press