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Pluto’s Ghost

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
"Murderer. It's one kick in the belly of a word isn't it? Has a taste, too. It tastes like barbed wire and has wild hyena eyes. Murderer. Murder-her. Did he? Did I? That's when I remember what I want to forget."

Jake Upshore has loved Skye Derucci since before he can remember. Volatile, complex and frustrated (he's got a label disorder from all the labels he's been given) at the best of times, Jake's on a desperate quest to find Skye before she aborts the baby he believes is his. As he hurtles headlong toward certain tragedy, Jake relives the fatal choices he's made and the powerful forces that have led him to this to end. A gripping thriller and a heart-wrenching love story, Pluto's Ghost is a raw and powerful novel about anger, escape, and redemptive love.


Skye Derucci and her mother, Ruth, disappeared on a Tuesday night in March. A nasty spit of a night. Snottin’ weather we say here in Poplar Hills—that frozen, phlegmy mix of sleet and snow. Not very pleasant and not exactly the kind of night to hit the road unless you had one...
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Praise for The Gravesavers:
"Although Sheree Fitch is a prolific and prizewinning author of children's books, The Gravesavers is her first novel. On the strength of this debut, it's fair to say that she's found another medium in which she excels....[A] thoroughly satisfying experience for readers."
The Globe and Mail

"The Gravesavers is a humorous and heartfelt look into a devastating time in a young girl's life. Fitch has truly captured the angst and curiosity inherent in the nature of any young person...It is a pleasure to read a book with a real story with real people that I feel comfortable letting my children read."
— The Edmonton Journal