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The Blythes Are Quoted

Penguin Modern Classics Edition

Publisher: Penguin Canada
With an Afterword by Elizabeth Rollins Epperly
L.M. Montgomery won the world over with the young, tenacious Anne and her adventures. Now, in the last book she completed shortly before her death in 1942, we remember the beloved author and her enduring literary legacy.

Edited and introduced by Benjamin Lefebvre, this final book consists of Montgomery’s final sequel to her internationally bestselling Anne of Green Gables. In an unusual twist to her writing style, Montgomery employs a mix of stories, poems, and vignettes, not telling one particular narrative but instead presenting snapshots of new and familiar residents of Glen St. Mary, of Anne and her family, and of their discussions around the poems composed by Anne and later by her son Walter.

In these final glimpses of characters known the world over, Montgomery offers readers a parting gift, a final farewell from herself, and from Anne.