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In the Sweet Kitchen

The Definitive Baker's Companion

Publisher: Random House Canada
Regan Daley's first encounter with a vanilla bean was an epiphany. The heady aroma was intoxicating and the bottled stuff she was used to paled in comparison. Why had she never noticed the considerable gap between these two forms of the same ingredient? Naturally, a crème anglaise made with vanilla extract could not compare to one infused with the dark seeds of a fat, sticky bean.

Regan shows us that anyone, from complete culinary virgins to accomplished dessert-makers, anyone can make a fantastic dessert. The secret is in the ingredients. Her more than 140 original recipes, straightforward enough for any home baker to prepare, focusing on simple techniques with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients, range from the awfully impressive, Guava Cheesecake or Quince and Brioche Bread Pudding with Dried Sour Cherries, to the familiar, Really, REALLY Fudgey Brownies or World's Sexiest Sundae.

For experts, this book will serve as a comprehensive, professional-quality reference of ingredients from basic to rare and an incredible collection of unique flavourings. For the novice, it's a practical and palatable guide to the once mysterious art of baking.

From the Hardcover edition.


My first encounter with a vanilla bean was an epiphany. Strange, perhaps, but for me it marked the moment when I realized the difference good ingredients can make. The heady aroma was intoxicating, and made the bottled stuff I was used to seem briny and stale. Why had none of the books I'd read prepared me for this? How...
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"Regan Daley's grasp of which flavours complement each other, and which methods show them to their best advantage, is amazing."— Alison Fryer, The Cookbook Store

“[Regan Daley’s] goal was to compile a definitive guide to all the baker’s ingredients and tools…And oh my, does she succeed! Blowtorches, kumquats, dental floss (unflavoured, please for cutting cheesecake), gas ranges, butter, eggs, flours, ice-cream makers, Chartreuse, knives, partridgeberries — you name it, it’s here. Daley…has written a baker’s encyclopedia that is so arrestingly comprehensive that it redefines definitive with regard to baking cookbooks. And…that is only the book’s first half. The second half, the recipe half, is where Daley really shines. Page after page, Daley’s brilliant recipes…make one want to run to the kitchen to raid that Platonic pantry of the book’s first half….Profuse with information, clearly written, wholly unaffected and masterfully artistic, In the Sweet Kitchen will almost undoubtedly become an instant classic. Like Julia Child’s Baking with Julia and Rose Levy Berenbaum’s The Cake Bible, no cookbook shelf will be complete without it.” — Quill & Quire (starred review)

“Don’t be fooled by her sweet expression. Regan Daley is very serious when it comes to recipe writing and educating people about how to bake…In the Sweet Kitchen is destined to become a baking classic.” — Homemaker’s

“This whopping cookbook is one of the best investments anyone interested in baking could make. From tools for the baker, to key ingredient guidelines, this book is packed with ideas from this pastry chef, along with pages upon pages of her favourite recipes.” — Calgary Sun

“Daley knows and cherishes ingredients the way grammarians know and cherish language… In the Sweet Kitchen has the makings of a classic.” — Georgia Straight

“The book is an outstanding reference, packed with tips and recipes, for both novice home cooks and professional bakers…Daley’s no-nonsense approach is easy and entertaining to read.” — Edmonton Sun

“Dessert lovers take note: Regan Daley’s In the Sweet Kitchen will send your senses into overdrive. An insistence on the finest ingredients, careful instructions and an exuberant love of food add up to a cookbook that’s inspiring, not intimidating. You do want to know how to make the World’s Sexiest Sundae, don’t you?” — Chatelaine

In the Sweet Kitchen is a complete baking guide full of yummy recipes.” — Bonnie Stern, National Post

“[I]t’s the utter thoroughness with which [Daley] covers every aspect of the pastry kitchen that makes this book the ultimate reference volume for the dedicated baker. Aspiring pastry chefs and professionals could well choose this to be their Bible — full of invaluable tables of ingredient substitutions, sugar cookery stages and troubleshooting charts…Daley’s grasp of which flavours belong astounding…these are downright sensual desserts which live up to their enticing names….Daley has assembled a wonderful, definitive and delicious work that deserves to stay in print for decades.” — Canadian Living (Editors’ Choice)

“In her excellent ‘guide to the baker’s pantry’…Regan Daley devotes four dense pages to the various types of vanilla, where they’re grown, the pitfalls in shopping for them and the joys of finding supple ones full of aromatic beans. Her hardcover is titled In the Sweet Kitchen, and in my view, worth every cent of its cover price, especially if you’re a sweet-tooth.” — Vancouver Sun

“With such traditional baked sweets as angel-food cake surfacing on the menus of cutting-edge restaurants alongside rosemary crème brûlée, Daley’s book seems well-timed for a back-to-basics revival. The 692-page volume is crammed with rules, tips and secrets. Besides detailing the behaviour of flours, the temperament of sugars and the many facets of fats, Daley’s book provides just the information and creative inspiration bakers need.” — Globe and Mail

In the Sweet Kitchen contains everything a person could ever want to know about baking. Daley walks the reader through section after section of accurate and useful information…then Daley tops it off with a section of more than 140 sweet recipes. This fabulous book is an essential reference to be treasured by anyone who bakes.” — Edmonton Journal

From the Hardcover edition.