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Backward Glances

People and Events from Inside and Out

Publisher: Signal
From the preeminent columnist, historian, and bestselling author writing at the top of his game comes an essential collection of writing on politics, economics, culture, religion, and more.

Conrad Black is one of our best known writers, historians, and businessmen. This never-before-published collection of Conrad's finest journalism, selected from many of the most prestigious publications in the English-speaking world, spans his full career. Included here are Conrad's best columns on Canada, its history and future; the U.S. as superpower; the Middle East; the Catholic Church; Wall Street; and journalism. Also, influential columns on everything from free trade to prison reform; and unexpected delights, including a much-read column on rescued kittens. On all of these subjects, Conrad Black is an intellectual force and these are the reflections of a masterful stylist, whose opinions defy expectation and whose wit and brilliance is on display in everything he writes.


Praise for Conrad Black:
"Black's prose bowls the reader effortlessly along: he seamlessly weaves together the political and personal." -- Daily Telegraph
"Conrad Black is incapable of doing anything but give his audience its money's worth." -- The Globe and Mail
"Black is a writer of great force and panache." -- New Criterion
"Conrad Black's candor on just about every conceivable topic is not only surprising but practically unprecedented." -- Vanity Fair