Ross Penhall's Vancouver, Surrounding Areas and Places That Inspire | Penguin Random House Canada

Ross Penhall’s Vancouver, Surrounding Areas and Places That Inspire

Publisher: Appetite by Random House
A collection of 120 paintings by renowned artist Ross Penhall that celebrates the identity and spirit of Vancouver. Also included are paintings of inspirational places across Canada, the US and Europe, including the California Coast, the Prairies and the Italian countryside.

Ross Penhall's Vancouver combines stunning imagery, tribute and personal history to create a portrait of the city through an artist's eyes. Ross Penhall was born and raised in Vancouver, where he has had two separate and successful careers as a fire captain and now as an internationally recognized painter. Visitors and residents alike will look at Vancouver in a new way after they see it from Ross' unique perspective. Whether it's a row of hedges on the corner of someone's yard or the cascading rocks at Spanish Banks, Ross finds endless inspiration in the city where he lives.
     In addition to paintings of Vancouver, there is a chapter on Surrounding Areas that focuses on the scenery of the Interior, Vancouver Island and Coastal British Columbia. The final chapter, Places That Inspire, includes paintings of the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the Canadian Prairies and landscapes from Ross' travels abroad.
     For lovers of art, for lovers of Vancouver and for anyone who looks for beauty in the everyday world, Ross Penhall'sVancouver is a book that will continue to captivate readers long after they first open it.


“Ross Penhall perfectly captures the beauty of my beloved British Columbia, in its ever-shifting natural theatre of light and mood.” --Diana Krall, musician

“Ross’s work speaks to the artistic talent that continues to evolve in Canada. His paintings showcase his unique visions of Vancouver, while still staying true to the beautiful environment we all love.” --Heffel Fine Auction House