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So Much Love

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Finalist for the Amazon Canada First Novel Award

A Globe and Mail Best Book

A Quill & Quire Best Book of the Year

Olive Kitteridge meets Room and The Lovely Bones in this stunning first novel about the unexpected reverberations the abduction of a young woman has on a small community.

When Catherine Reindeer mysteriously vanishes from the parking lot outside the restaurant where she works, an entire community is shattered. Her fellow waitress now sees danger all around her. Her mother desperately seeks comfort in saying her name over and over again. Her professor thinks of her obsessively. Her husband refuses to give up hope that she will one day come home. As we move back and forth between those who knew Catherine intimately and those who barely knew her at all, So Much Love reveals how an unexpected disappearance can overturn everything for those left behind. 
But at the heart of the novel is Catherine's own surprising journey of resilience and recovery. When, after months of unimaginable horror, a final devastating loss forces her to make a bold decision, she is unprepared for everything that follows. Woven throughout Catherine's story are glimpses of a local poet who was murdered decades earlier, a woman whose work becomes a lifeline for Catherine during her darkest hours.
A riveting novel that explores the complexity of love and the power of stories to shape our lives, So Much Love confirms Rebecca Rosenblum's reputation as one of the most gifted and distinctive writers of her generation.


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"So Much Love approaches its subject and tells its characters' stories with so much heart and sharp efficency that you can sit down with it for a day and feel a shift in the way you look at life.You will not want to put it down. . . . This is a page-turner of a different sort. This is not a thriller. This is a meditation on life and love that thrills. . . . This is a feat." —Globe & Mail

"Emotionally resonant and strikingly written. . . . Rosenblum's novel meditates on connections and community, loss and love. Beautiful, affecting, and striking, this powerfully assured debut novel is literary fiction from an author who also shows herself to be the capable architect of a complex and rousing story." —Quill & Quire

Advance Praise for So Much Love:
"A marvellously assured, multi-layered page turner. Chilling. Brilliant." -- Barbara Gowdy, author of Little Sister

"Elegant in form, So Much Love does what only fiction can – it gives a wide view of a horrific crime and shows how it fractures a small community. In a world of slippery truths and narrow perception, this beautiful, taut, and chilling story feels necessary and true." -- Claire Cameron, author of The Bear and The Last Neanderthal

"Compelling and superbly crafted from start to finish, So Much Love is a thoughtful and disturbing look into the deep layers of a crime and its aftermath." -- Diane Schoemperlen, author of This is Not My Life

Praise for Rebecca Rosenblum:

 • "A writer who's intent on probing the mysteries of self and other through the related mysteries of fiction. . . . Rosenblum's work impels us to a fresh experiencing of life." -- Globe and Mail
 • "[Her stories are] at once compressed, poetic, and precise. . . . Rosenblum can register the aching and melancholic, but with a remarkable lack of sentimentality. . . . [She is] a young author of singular talent." -- The Walrus
 • "Rosenblum cuts as close to the bone as possible in her construction of sentences, paring away all but the most essential words." -- National Post