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Butter Celebrates!

A Year of Sweet Recipes to Share with Family and Friends

Publisher: Appetite by Random House
Celebrate your favorite occasions with recipes from a little neighborhood bakery.
     What's a celebration without baked goods? Rosie Daykin provides over 100 recipes for sweets that home bakers will return to year after year until they become family traditions. Whether you're welcoming a new baby, a new neighbor, or the New Year; sharing Thanksgiving, Hannukah, or Christmas with friends and family; or simply enjoying summer, Rosie has the perfect recipe for every occasion.
     Butter Celebrates! is a feast for the eyes, with a wealth of gorgeous photographs illustrating the simple-to-follow recipes and tips for making any occasion extra special. With her warm, welcoming style and funny anecdotes Rosie takes the fear out of making French Macarons and introduces us to the excitement that only a Reveal Cake can offer, all while paying homage to the classics (Vanilla Butter Cream, anyone?). Even the most inexperienced bakers will enjoy following Rosie's directions to create that special something for that special someone.
     Butter began as a tiny bakery in Vancouver, with an emphasis on nostalgia and the classics. With the publication of Rosie's first book, Butter Baked Goods: Nostalgic Recipes from a Little Neighborhood Bakery, its fame rapidly spread across North America. Butter Celebrates! is a peek into Rosie's world filled with family, friends, laughter, witty toasts, good music, general chaos and, of course, delicious baked goods.


“As inviting as a bakeshop window… Rosie will have you running into the kitchen to bake.” --Anna Olson, Food Network Host and Author of Back to Baking

“[Butter Baked Goods] may take you back to being a kid in your mother’s kitchen, licking icing off of spatulas or waiting impatiently for pies to cook… Daykin’s passion for sweets is infectious—and is likely to have you running your finger along a batter-coated bowl once more.” --The Globe and Mail

“Daykin’s enchanting collection of traditional goodies made from scratch (with plenty of butter, sugar, and heavy cream) can help home bakers improve their skills and expand their repertoire.” --Library Journal

“This book will make your mouth water.” --Houston Chronicle

Butter Baked Goods is simply a pleasure to read. Flipping through it virtually guarantees you’ll develop a craving for something that’s not just sweet but oh-so-pretty.” --The Georgia Straight