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The City of Sand

Publisher: Delacorte Press
A multimillion-copy bestseller in China—now available in English! In this heart-pounding adventure, a group of individuals who have come together for an expedition, each with a specific interest, soon find themselves motivated by one common goal: the sheer will to survive.
THE QUEST: To find the lost city of Jingjue, a once-glorious kingdom, along with the burial chamber of its mysterious queen. Both lie buried under the golden dunes of the desert, where fierce sandstorms and blazing heat show no mercy.
THE TEAM:  Teenagers Tianyi, who has the ability read the earth and sky through feng shui, and Kai, Tianyi’s best friend and confidant; Julie, a wealthy American whose father vanished on the same trek a year ago; Professor Chen, who wants to fulfill a lifelong dream; and Asat Amat, a local guide gifted in desert survival.
THE OBSTACLES: Lethal creatures of the desert and an evil force that wants to entomb the explorers under the unforgiving sands of China’s Taklimakan Desert forever.


Chapter One




My grandfather gave me my name, Tianyi, which means “as the heavens intend.” His name was Hu Guohua, and our family were once wealthy landowners, known for miles around. At their height, they had more than forty houses on three adjacent alleyways and...

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"A richly imagined and artfully translated tale of history, adventure, and magic." --PW

"This rollicking adventure rarely pauses." --SLJ

"Filled to the brim with ancient and modern Chinese history . . . a fun and spooky ride. It's not hard to see how Bachang became a best-seller in his home country." --Booklist