Harry and Clare's Amazing Staycation | Penguin Random House Canada

Harry and Clare’s Amazing Staycation

Publisher: Tundra Books
Move over, Max and Ruby. Harry and Clare are here to steal the sibling spotlight!

Harry and Clare are stuck at home for their spring break. No exotic locations, no plane trips, no exciting plans. So they make their own fun: the living room becomes Mars, the diving board at the pool becomes a pirate's plank and the local playground where the man-eating octopus lives. The trouble is, older sister Clare is the one making all the rules, and that means deciding on the game AND eating all the food. But Harry has a plan to turn the tables... if he can just keep his snacks out of the Abominable Snowman's clutches!


PRAISE FOR Harry and Clare's Amazing Staycation:

"Staunton’s tongue-in-cheek text displays both great respect for the imagination of children and affection for his characters. In simply drawn line-and-color illustrations, Song artfully blends ordinary household and playground details into adventuresome setting . . ." --Kirkus Reviews

"[A] tribute to all the fantastic potential a week off from school can have . . . For parents worried that their kids might be experiencing Disneyland-related #FOMO come March break, Harry and Clare are there to show that the alternatives can be just as fun." --Globe and Mail

"Harry and Clare's Amazing Staycation is a delightful addition to any library and will surely capture the imaginations of all who read it." --CM Magazine

"[Staunton] is a masterful storyteller, capturing the magic of childhood play and sibling relationships with sly humor and understanding. Mika Song's sweet pen-and-watercolor illustrations blend the everyday . . . with the fantastical." --Shelf Awareness

"Cute and perceptive story. A sure win to the underdog!" --Story Monters Ink Magazine

"The illustrations are simple, expressive and full of action making this an adventure story that is sure to ignite imaginations and incite Staycation adventures for your own child." --StoryWraps