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The Fortress

Publisher: Bond Street Books
"A page-turner and a profound meditation on the nature of desire and freedom in the modern age." —Cheryl Strayed, bestselling author of Wild

The critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling author of Falling Through the Earth and Angelology returns with this much-anticipated memoir of love and transformation in the South of France. The Fortress is A Year in Provence meets Eat, Pray, Love by way of The Shining, a riveting account of one woman's journey to the other side of the romantic fairy tale.
“If I had been another woman, I might have been skeptical. But I wasn't another woman. I was a woman ready to be swept away. I was a woman ready for her story to begin. As a writer, story was all that mattered. Rising action, dramatic complication, heroes and villains and dark plots. I believed I was the author of my life, that I controlled the narration.”
     From their first meeting, writer Danielle Trussoni is spellbound by a brilliant, mysterious novelist from Bulgaria. The two share a love of music and books and travel, passions that intensify their whirlwind romance. Within months, they are married and embark upon an adventurous life together.
     Eight years later, their marriage in trouble, Trussoni and her husband move to the South of France, hoping to save their relationship. They discover Aubais (as in love, honor and . . . Aubais), a picturesque medieval village in the Languedoc, where they buy a thirteenth-century stone fortress. Aubais is a Mediterranean paradise of sun, sea, and vineyards, but they soon learn the fortress’s secret history of subterranean chambers, Knights Templar, hidden treasure, Nazis, and ghosts. During her years in Aubais, Trussoni's marriage unravels with terrifying consequences, and she comes to understand that love is never the way we imagine it to be.
     Trussoni’s time in France brings hard-won wisdom about authenticity, commitment, and family. Through her search for true happiness, Danielle Trussoni finds the strength to overcome her illusions and start again.
Unflinching and bold, The Fortress is one woman’s struggle to understand the complexities of her own heart. Trussoni's long-awaited return to memoir is a tour de force that changes the conversation about desire and freedom.


"The Fortress is a bold book about the most intimate things. Danielle Trussoni’s clear-eyed examination of how she loved and lost her husband is both a page-turner and a profound meditation on the nature of desire and freedom in the modern age." —Cheryl Strayed, bestselling author of Wild

"Trussoni has already written a remarkable coming-of-age memoir, Falling Through the Earth . . . and now delivers a scorching account of her marriage." —Entertainment Weekly

"Trussoni's is a memoirist's dream life, ripe for storytelling, and she's an expert at it. . . . [The Fortress is] a powerful story, and she has the fortitude and the judgment to do it justice." —Publishers Weekly

"Trussoni's introspection and finely wrought details strike both joy and pain into readers' hearts as she details a true love only the supremely hopeful or unblemished can imagine. She quickly destabilizes the reader, though, by interspersing vignettes of the fall of her relationship, retelling nearly each and every betrayal and psychological torment humans can inflict on those closest to them. . . . The Fortress is an immersive and honest portrayal of human nature bound by commitment." —Booklist

"A brave and wrenching memoir, Danielle Trussoni's The Fortress will captivate the many readers who are already in love with her magical novels. In a stone fortress on a bucolic hilltop in Southern France, a once passionate marriage slowly unravels in scenes that are searing and terrifying. I dare you to put this book down once you read the opening page. Make that a double dare." —Julie Metz, author of Perfection