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Confessions of a Right-Wing Gay Jewish Muckraker

Publisher: Signal
Hold onto your hats: popular and controversial Toronto city journalist Sue-Ann Levy -- a self-described nice, chubby, Jewish, gay, conservative girl -- takes on the establishment and establishment thinking in this provocative, honest, and insightful memoir that will surprise her fans and foes alike.

Sue-Ann Levy was born to a traditional patriarchal Jewish family in which the son was considered accomplished simply for being born, and she realized from an early age that she would not fit into the mold designated for her. An outspoken, right-wing lipstick lesbian, Levy has spent her life challenging the status quo -- from championing the underdog, to taking on the Liberal left, to running as the first openly gay candidate for the Ontario Progressive Conservative party in 2009.
Underdog chronicles Levy's journey through Toronto politics with the same candid, humorous, and self-deprecating approach for which she has become famous for in her daily columns. Persuasive and timely, Sue-Ann Levy will inspire readers to speak up against the inequalities in our political and justice systems.



Although I’ve completed ten half marathons and too many ten-kilometre events to count in my ten years as a runner, I’m probably the least competitive runner there is. This is in stark contrast to how focused I can be in my efforts to scoop the competition with a story. When I...
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