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New York 1, Tel Aviv 0

Publisher: Bond Street Books
New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 is an extraordinary collection that navigates fluidly questions of sexuality, nationality, and reality, reminiscent of Lydia Davis and Lorrie Moore, but an even deeper exploration of gender norms and sexual politics.
     The stories in New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 are full of voices, some unnamed and others identified, that speak to a contemporary generation as they explore the tension between an anonymous, globalized world and an irrepressible lust for personal intimacy. The result is a highly personal document of niche moments, when relationships either run their ground, take flight, or enter holding patterns as intelligently charming as they are emotionally lonely. In some stories, realistic urges take place in magical settings: a couple discovers that they have the ability to stop time together; another couple lives in an apartment where only one can hear a continued beeping and the other must try to believe. In other stories, a nameless voice narrates the arc of a love affair through a list of all its best and worst kisses; a father leaves his daughter in Israel to pursue a painting career in Albany; and a prostitute begins a careful love affair with the Israeli photographer who studies her.


“[I]t’s no shocker that New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 . . . is clever, delectably entertaining stuff. But what is surprising is its range. It’s earnest and sarcastic; innocent and calculating; straight and queer; linearly narrative and experimental and sometimes sci-fi; and Israeli and American, as well as Israeli-American. . . . New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 abounds with hilarious, psychologically astute lines.” ―Out Magazine
“[A] strong debut.” ―The New York Times Book Review

“The eighteen stories in New York 1 Tel Aviv 0 . . . are beguiling, bizarre, and wise. . . . Her sentences, with their clear-eyed, authoritative calm, underscore and complicate the unlikely circumstances in which her characters find themselves, and the chaos of their inner lives.”
The Paris Review

“The most engaging collection of short stories I’ve read in a long time. It sings from the first page: the collection’s first, titular story, manages to wring a real emotional payoff out of a very unorthodox romantic arrangement. What follows are a series of pieces that . . . work very well together.”
“A well-written story collection about sex, war, Israel, and Zionism. . . . Shelly Oria’s book investigates the past, present, and future of these themes via a series of probing, inventive fictions, the best of which delight in both their language and construction, at once self-consciously literary creations and, at the same time, heartfelt examinations of character and loss. . . . Oria proves herself a master of double-, triple-, and quadruple-meaning, a producer of sentences as beautiful and jarring out of context as they are inside.”
Electric Literature

“Oria has an inventive voice. . . . Meaningful and genuine.”
Publishers Weekly

“These are crisply told, biting tales. . . . Oria's fiction is tense and gripping; it's like the surprising and disconcerting sound that emerges from an instrument played by a traditionally trained musician who's chosen to explore new territory.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review