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Somebody’s Baby

Publisher: Delacorte Press
“Sorry, John Green fans, but McDaniel’s been making us cry . . . for decades.” —
Love, family, acceptance, and forgiveness are at the center of this heartfelt novel that explores the unpredictable paths that allow people to follow their dreams and help them find a way back home.
Ever since Sloan won a reality television singing competition, her music career has taken off. She suddenly finds herself with a manager, a recording contract, and a tour in the works. Her manager warned her that strangers would ask her for all sorts of things, and that she must not respond. But one email stands out—from a young woman who claims to be Sloan’s half sister. Sloan’s mother, now deceased, never told her who her father was, so the prospect of knowing some family history is too strong a desire to ignore.
Now Sloan must return to Windemere, the town where she grew up, to face a past she’s worked hard to forget. One trip leads to another, and when circumstances take a devastating turn, Sloan is faced with a complicated choice involving not only herself, but also those who have come to depend on her.





“This was in today’s batch of emails. I printed it out for you. Do you think it’s legit?”


Sloan scanned the paper, then glanced up at Kiley, Terri Levine’s young assistant, who stood anxiously waiting for her reaction.


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"There's no denying McDaniel's command of her material. . . .inspriational romance by a genre master." —Kirkus Reviews

“McDaniel deals with heart-wrenching subjects in a way that brings readers to tears.” —VOYA