Frankenstink! | Penguin Random House Canada


Garbage Gone Bad

Publisher: Tundra Books
With a glow-in-the-dark cover and zany art, this is a book about "garbage" that transforms and mutates into a grotesque, greedy monster devouring everything in its path, Frankenstink is sure to be a hit with kids who do not like to clean up. Is the monster who feeds on "a mountainous salad of plastic and goo, fast-food leftovers and Styrofoam stew," real, a dream, or a warning of what is to come if we don't compost and recycle? Complemented by playful illustrations in a comic-book style.


“The rhyming text, which should be read aloud to achieve the full effect of the story, provides an opportunity for early readers to have fun playing with juicy words. There are lots of gross sounds to be made (the words “farts,” “burps,” and “undies” are all here), guaranteed to garner a giggle.” - CM Magazine

“The rhyming text and clever vocabulary add to the entertainment of this hilarious tale. Reminding the reader of the importance of recycling and composting, the story should promote both laughter and discussion and would be fun read aloud. An excellent book for both the school library and classroom, this text is highly recommended.” - Resource Links

“The story is pure fun and works mainly because of Lightburn’s deft employment of utter sneakiness – he wraps his moral with several thick layers of silliness.” - The Globe and Mail