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Had a Glass 2015

Top 100 Wines Under $20

Publisher: Appetite by Random House
The Globe and Mail best-seller, and #1 best-selling wine guide in British Columbia, is back!
     James Nevison's annual, unpretentious guide for everyday wine is back, with the top 100 wallet-friendly wines for 2015.
In this expertly selected collection, you will find the very best value for your money across white, pink, red, sparkling, and fortified wines. Get the scoop on $10 wines that taste like they're $30, and $20 bottles that will knock your socks off!

     Had a Glass 2015 points wine drinkers in the right direction, towards a good bottle that won't break the bank. With Had a Glass 2015 in hand, you can navigate the wine aisles in confidence, guaranteed to find great-tasting, great-value wines.


"You should buy at least two copies of this book: one to give away and one to keep for yourself to aid you in future gift giving (and wine drinking)." --Vancouver is Awesome

"Every year our dapper and handsome friend and wine connoisseur James Nevison puts together a book celebrating the best one hundred wines available for under $20. I'm in no capacity an expert on wine, so for me James' book and app are a god send." --Le Marche St. George

"In a veritable sea of vinous choice, Had a Glass points wine enthusiasts in the right direction and makes sure they surface with a good bottle. Every wine is here for a reason: because it's perfect with a steak, goes great with a picnic, or simply makes a superb stand-alone sipper." --Good Life Vancouver

“A well-chosen, global selection of widely available wines. It’s sure de make you want to ‘have’ a glass.” --Anthony Gismondi, wine columnist, The Vancouver Sun and gismondi.com