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Disgusting Critters

Head Lice

The Disgusting Critters Series

Publisher: Tundra Books
Part of a series of hilarious non-fiction books about disgusting creatures, this book examines head lice. It covers such topics as head lice habitats (human heads only, dogs are gross), anatomy (his body is slightly see through, so he can always see what he ate for lunch), and parenting practice (the female louse sticks eggs to human hair and uses the leftover glue for her model airplanes). Although silly and off-the-wall, Head Lice contains factual information that will both amuse and teach.



"...there's a certain stigma that accompanies any outbreak of head lice that cannot be denied. Head Lice, written and illustrated by Elise Gravel, works to dismantle these presumptions, which makes it both a timely and important read.... Gravel gives the scientific facts about the head-lice lifestyle in a way that's both informative and great for kids. The whole thing is so cute... [b]y the end of the book, even I saw head lice more as a tedious yet harmless annoyance, instead of some sort of plague visited upon bad parenting." -- Globe & Mail

"This series adds two more to its lineup of silly, whimsical facts. The cartoon illustrations and use of speech bubbles make for a winning mixture of entertainment and information. Bold colors and fonts draw attention to important words, which beginning readers will find useful. Humor abounds in both titles.... Ample spacing throughout makes for an effective layout. The comic charm will appeal to a wide berth of new and reluctant readers." -- School Library Journal