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First Comes Love

Publisher: Anchor Canada
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The One & Only, two thirty-something sisters find themselves facing the question: if love and marriage and children don't all come together at once, which do you fight for?

Meredith thought she'd done it all right--married the perfect man, had the perfect daughter--but as she grows increasingly restless, she can't help but wonder if she got the love part wrong.
     Josie has been happily single for years, but she wants a child of her own so much she's one bad date away from heading straight for the baby carriage all on her own.
     These sisters, whose relationship was strained by the tragic death of their older brother over a decade ago, now find that they need each other more than they realized.


It is the first day of school, a symbolic and hopeful fresh start, at least that’s what I tell myself as I stand before my captive, well-scrubbed audience of ten boys and eleven girls in my J.Crew finest—gold ballet flats, gray pants, and a pink, sequined sweater set. Sitting cross-legged...
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National Bestseller
#1 New York Times Bestseller

"An engaging story of sisterly love. . . . Illuminating and engrossing." —People

"Kudos to Giffin for it takes a talented and resourceful writer to create a wealth of characters and have them all be fully described for the reader to understand and enjoy. . . . Two years is too long to have to wait for a new Emily Giffin book, but First Comes Love brings her back with a vengeance. Tales of sisters have been at the core of other great novels, but Giffin turns that relationship upside down and makes her view a fascinating one." —Huffington Post
"This well-written and engaging story explores how relationships evolve and people can surprise us if we let them. . . . [First Comes Love] is sure to be a great discussion starter for book groups and a hit with [Giffin’s] many fans." —Library Journal
"[A] well-written family drama." —Real Simple

"Giffin is a great writer and the psychologically complex narrative races along, making for compulsive reading. [First Comes Love] is a compelling portrait of a family in crisis; warm, witty, wise and so honest it occasionally made me wince. I loved it." —Daily Mail (UK)

"[First Comes Love] is rich with well-drawn characters. . . . Giffin's fans will be pleased with this fast-paced, witty and thoughtful new offering." —Kirkus Reviews

"This is Giffin at her finest—a fantastic, memorable story." —Publishers Weekly
"First Comes Love is an un-put-down-able, smart, and thoughtful novel that will make you think about the nature of family and how our past informs our present." —PopSugar

"Moving and complex, [First Comes Love] proves [that Emily Giffin is] still at the top of her game." —Booklist
"Giffin's talent is pretty much unparalleled when it comes to the modern woman's story about life, love and family." —Redbook

"Heart-stirring. . . . It's a story about the past and the future, fighting and forgiveness. It's a story about following your heart. It's a story that insists readers consider in their own lives, 'Should love come first?'" —Associated Press