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Edie’s Ensembles

Publisher: Tundra Books
Edie is known for her great outfits and stylish flair. She and her best friend Andrew spend a lot of time playing dress-up. The school hall is their runway. Edie loves the compliments and whispers of admiration, so much so that she begins dressing in increasingly outrageous outfits to get even more attention. No outfit is too bizarre, no costume too flamboyant for Edie. She's so busy coming up with her newest eye-catching ensemble that she doesn't even have time for Andrew anymore ... until one day Edie creates an outfit so weird and so big and bulky that she gets stuck in the doorway. Will anyone notice that this budding fashionista is in trouble?


PRAISE FOR Ashley Spires:
"Spires's mix of sly, dry and slapstick humor in her first graphic novel is perfect." - Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews, (Binky the Space Cat)
"Fans will celebrate; aliens will quiver in fright." - Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews, (Binky Under Pressure)
"... a doozy of a picture book ... big, bold pages will be enjoyed by big groups and independent readers alike." -- Starred Review, Booklist, (Larf)
"Humor has always been a strong suit for Spires, and her drily funny storytelling will entertain children, older siblings, and adults alike." -- Publishers Weekly (Larf)
"Spires' tale of an unconventional pirate might travel familiar ground, but her dry humor, so wonderfully displayed in the Binky graphic novels, elevates Saul to great heights. The cartoon watercolor illustrations are always hilariously at odds with the understated text. Charrrh-ming." -- Kirkus Reviews (Small Saul)