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Publisher: Doubleday Canada

A gripping murder mystery set in 16th-century France, as Giordano Bruno fights against multiple factions manipulating the succession of King Henri III.

December 1585: King Henri III of France is the last of his line. He has appointed a
Protestant as his successor, which has caused a three-way war in his country. As a result, the king is in mortal fear of a coup being orchestrated by the ultra-conservative Catholic League.
     Radical philosopher, ex-monk and spy Giordano Bruno, forced to return to Paris, is called upon by King Henri to unearth the mystery behind several mysterious but linked deaths. Each victim is connected to a larger plot to manipulate the royal succession; what they knew and who killed them is a mystery to be solved.
     Meanwhile, Bruno makes an uneasy alliance with Charles Paget, a key figure in the community of English Catholics who tried to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. When Bruno is implicated in the death of Leonie, a member of the Queen Mother's "Flying Squadron," he is forced to call on Paget and his connections for help--and finds that it comes with a price, involving an old enemy.


"Successful historical thrillers need three elements: a killer plot that weaves seamlessly into the history; an engaging protagonist; and an atmospheric sense of place. Parris nails all three—Conspiracy is a gem." —The Times (UK)

"This latest addition to the series will no doubt repeat its predecessors' success. . . . The authentically febrile air of suspense that Parris generates, as well as a shoal of red herrings and some impish, what-if plotting. The drawing-room style denouement, conducted as it is in a salon at the Tuileries Palace, is also executed with knowing relish." —The Observer

"Impossible to resist. . . . Parris creates a convincing sense of the past, woven with so much intrigue that the head fairly spins." —Daily Telegraph

"Vivid, sprawling . . . well-crafted, exuberant." —Financial Times

"Full of surprises. . . . An imaginatively satisfying addition to the many real intrigues surrounding the imprisoned Mary Stuart and the threats to Elizabeth’s security." The Times Literary Supplement (TLS)

"Colourful characters, fast-moving plots and a world where one false step in religion or politics can mean a grisly death." —Sunday Times (UK)

"I can thoroughly recommend Conspiracy, which twists and turns like a corkscrew of venomous snakes." —Stuart MacBride, bestselling author of the Logan McRae novels

"Fascinating. . . . The period is incredibly vivid and the story utterly gripping." —Conn Iggulden, bestselling author of the Emperor and Conqueror series

"It has everything—intrigue, mystery and excellent history." —Kate Mosse, bestselling author of the Languedoc Trilogy

Praise for Treachery:

 • "S.J. Parris has created the ultimate conflicted character. . . . There is no time like Tudor England for great intrigue. . . . I am most of the way through this one and savouring every page." --Ottawa Citizen
 • "S.J. Parris' latest Giordano Bruno thriller transports us to an Elizabethan world of mystery, murder and discovery. . . . It should be a journey to relish." --The Telegraph (UK), starred review