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Red Doc>

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Internationally celebrated poet Anne Carson's critically acclaimed follow-up to her highly successful Autobiography of Red, which takes its mythic boy-hero into the twenty-first century to tell a story all its own of love, loss, and the power of memory. For Carson's substantial following and general poetry readers.
     To live past the end of your myth is a perilous thing. In this stunningly original mix of poetry, drama, and narrative, Anne Carson brings the red-winged Geryon from Autobiography of Red, now called "G," into manhood, and through the complex labyrinths of the modern age. We join him as he travels with his friend and lover Sad (short for "Sad But Great"), a haunted war veteran; and with Ida, an artist, across a geography that ranges from plains of glacial ice to idyllic green pastures; from a psychiatric clinic to the somber housewhere G's mother must face her death. Haunted by Proust, juxtaposing the hunger for flight with the longing for family and home, this deeply powerful verse picaresque invites readers on an extraordinary journey of intellect, imagination, and soul.


 • "Wildly inventive. . . Like a medieval-style storyteller, she creates new variations of accepted stories and mythic characters. . . . The rambling quality of [the] adventure evokes the scenes with gods and monsters in the ninth through 12th books of Homer's Odyssey. . . . Shockingly moving. . . . [The poetry] is strangely haunting in an understated way. It presents loss and our tenuous human interconnectedness in its fragile and mysterious passing. . . . An inspired creation." - Globe and Mail
 • "Here is mythology, in all its weirdness, waking up in our bed . . . a chronological porousness [that] characterizes all of Carson's work. . . . For every line of Carson's that's grave and pensive, another is funny, erotic, demotic, or dirty." -- New York magazine
 • "A wild hybrid narrative pushed to mythopoetic glory." -- Elle
 • "To read [Carson] is a challenge and a thrill.... Her writing is intensely cinematic. . . . A verbal acrobat and compulsive inventor.... She's a dramatist with an ear for domestic dialogue, and an eye for intimate detail. . . . It's huge fun just trying to keep up." -- Maclean's