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Someone Is Watching

Publisher: Seal Books
A fast-paced, intense psychological thriller from an international bestselling author--Rear Window meets The Silent Wife.
     Bailey has it all. At least, she had it all--a job she loved as a high-powered investigator in a top Miami law firm, a gorgeous condo in a stylish downtown high rise, a handsome boyfriend, a sizeable inheritance. A seemingly idyllic life.
     But that was before a brutal attack left her feeling insecure about her entire world. And with her attacker still on the loose and the police at a loss for clues, she can't shake off the feeling that someone is watching her, monitoring her every move. Even after her half-sister, Claire, and Claire's sassy teenage daughter, Jade, move into her apartment to care for her, their presence does little to ease her overwhelming anxiety. Plagued by nightmares, she begins spying on her neighbours through high-powered binoculars, becoming obsessed with the new tenants in the building across from hers. But the strange things she sees only deepen her fears. Is it all in her head? Is her growing paranoia just a symptom of trauma? Or is it possible that someone is really watching?


This is what I remember: the warm night air, darkness as soft and inviting as a cashmere shawl, a gentle breeze brushing flirtatiously across the tops of the sweet-smelling shrubs in which I’m hiding, their coral flowers now folded in on themselves, closed to the dark. I’m vaguely aware of their faint aroma as...
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National Bestseller

"A page-turning ride." —Kirkus Reviews

"For more than 40 years now, Joy Fielding has been churning out blood-curdling bestsellers with staggering consistency. Her latest and 25th novel―Someone Is Watching―contains many of the Fielding signatures: a strong female heroine, an unknown evil-doer and a mystery that will keep you reading well past lights-out."
The Globe and Mail

From the Trade Paperback edition.