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The Hunt of the Dragon

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
A page-turning story that moves between the modern world of a teenager and a dangerous world where mythical legends live.

Two years have passed since Elayne returned from the magical world behind the unicorn tapestries in the Cloisters Museum of New York, and things finally seem to be settling down. But when reports start coming in on the news about an unusual two-headed snake that was caught in the city's sewers, Elayne knows that the world of Goloth is not quite ready to let her go yet. After her father disappears, Elayne suspects where she must go to find him. Returning to Goloth, Land of the Fabulous Beast, everything seems to have changed. The land is now torn by bloody civil war and poverty and plague, as well as a new threat off Goloth's shores that has been waiting eagerly for Elayne's arrival. The prospect of romance emerges from the most unexpected of places. Thrust into this world of danger and action--one in which a dragon holds terrifying power--Elayne must join forces with old enemies and journey far to find the great unicorn Moonspill if she is to have any thope of saving Goloth--and her father--from total destruction.


"The Land of the Fabulous Beast is, in a word, fabulous, a place where all the creatures dreamed up by various cultures are portrayed in all their glory... Hand this to readers who like their heroines sassy and their settings vividly imagined."
- Bulletin of the Centre of Children's Books

"The Hunt of the Unicorn is one of the best fantasy books for young adult readers to be written in the last few years. It has a good story with the fast plot typical of an adventure. By weaving historical elements into the modern world, the author has created a parallel world of wondrous beasts such as the types that would be found in a medieval bestiary."
- Manitoba Library Journal

"An interesting hybrid of time travel fantasy and myth, [The Hunt of the Dragon] is a unique riff on the more traditional use of classical myths and legends in YA fiction. . . . A nice choice for fans who’ve outgrown Rick Riordan and C.S. Lewis."
- National Reading Campaign