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Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

Publisher: Bond Street Books
From the author of the universally acclaimed debut novel A Case of Exploding Mangoes: a subversive, often shockingly funny new novel set in steaming Karachi, about second chances, thwarted ambitions, and love in the most unlikely places.
The patients of the Sacred Heart Hospital for All Ailments need a miracle, and Alice Bhatti may be just what they're looking for. She's the new junior nurse, but that's the only thing ordinary about her. Her father is a part-time healer in the French Colony, Karachi's Christian slum--and it seems she has inherited his part-time gift. With a bit of begrudging but inspired improvisation, Alice brings succour to the patients lining the hospital's corridors. Yet, a Christian in an Islamic world, she is ensnared in the red tape of hospital bureaucracy, trapped by the caste system, and torn between her duty to her patients, her father, and her husband--an apprentice to the nefarious "Gentlemen's Squad" of the police, and about to plunge them both into a situation so dangerous that perhaps not even a miracle can save them. But, of course, Alice Bhatti is no ordinary nurse...


"Relentlessly readable. . . . A comedy for those who think, a tragedy for those who feel. . . . Hanif does Karachi better than Rushdie does Bombay. . . . Perhaps Pakistan's brightest English-language voice."
The Guardian
"Rambunctious, vulgar, funny, and moving, Alice Bhatti wields enormous emotional punch. . . . Right now the world could do with more books that portray Pakistanis that way."
"In this bold, uncompromising novel, Hanif draws a compassionate and despairing portrait of a nation in bedlam."
Financial Times