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The Age of Miracles

Publisher: Anchor Canada
From a stunning new literary voice comes a brilliant debut novel that created an international auction frenzy, with sales in twenty-seven countries to date, about a young girl growing up in extraordinary times.
On a seemingly ordinary Saturday morning, Julia and her family wake to discover, along with the rest of the world, that the rotation of the earth has suddenly begun to slow. Set against this threat to normal life, The Age of Miracles maps the effects of catastrophes big and small on the lives of ordinary people, and in particular, one young girl. Extraordinary for its original concept, unforgettable characters, and the grace, elegance and beauty of Karen Thompson Walker's prose, The Age of Miracles is a mesmerizing story of family turmoil, young love, and coming-of-age set against an upending of life as we know it.


“You open the cover of Miracles and read the first page, and then the second, and when next you look up, the day has fallen away and everyone else has gone off to bed and your legs have stiffened beneath the table.”
Edmonton Journal
“Her voice turns what might have been just a clever mash-up of disaster epic with sensitive young-adult, coming-of-age story into a genuinely moving tale that mixes the real and surreal, the ordinary and the extraordinary with impressive fluency and flair.”
The New York Times
“Touching and harrowing, but above all magical, The Age of Miracles is an impressive debut. And there can be no better time to experience it than during the long (but reassuringly shortening) days of summer.”
The Globe and Mail