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A Trial in Venice

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
The thrilling conclusion to the #1 national bestselling historical trilogy by Roberta Rich.

In The Midwife of Venice, set in 1575, Hannah Levi was forced to flee Venice with the baby of a Venetian aristocratic family whom she rescued. Roberta Rich followed that action-packed adventure with The Harem Midwife, which exiled Hannah and her beloved husband Isaac to Constantinople--only for Hannah to become enmeshed in the shady politics of a sultan's harem. And now, with A Trial in Venice, set five years later, Hannah is forced back to Venice--both to opulent yet crumbling villas and the Jewish ghetto known as Veneto. Her beloved adopted son Matteo has been kidnapped and is in danger once more. And this time, so is Hannah.
    A rollicking and evocative read, peopled with beguiling, unforgettable characters (including the epic return of the troublesome and winsome Foscari and Cesca), this novel is a breathtaking follow up to The Midwife of Venice and The Harem Midwife, certain to shock and delight fans of the series and solidify Rich's reputation as one of Canada's most loved historical fiction authors.



Pozzi Prison,
The walls of her cell wept with moisture. If I could keep dry, thought Hannah, cupping her belly, trying to ignore the wet straw bedding poking through her cotton shift.
     Only the present...
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National Bestseller

"A riveting historical page-turner and a thoughtful exploration of religion, race, oppression and tyranny combined." —Toronto Star

"This book is perfect to curl up with on the weekend." —Canadian Living

"[Rich] masterfully recreates the ongoing hardships of life for ordinary Venetians. With equal mastery, she juxtaposes the poverty of life along the city's fouled canals with the high privilege of the city's pampered wealthy class in their nearby country estates. . . . A Trial in Venice features fast moving plot development and twists, and fully formed main characters who contend with unambiguous moral choices. . . . In deploying her considerable descriptive powers, Rich often conveys to the reader the very taste, touch and smell of a particular setting." —Canadian Jewish News

Praise for The Midwife of Venice:

 • "A lively tale involving love, blackmail, family, murder, plague, intercultural compassion, dramatic last-minute rescues and some very creative disguises. . . . Rich capably depicts the strength of women and the precariousness of their lives, regardless of status or religion." --The Globe and Mail