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Every Day, Every Hour

Publisher: Bond Street Books
An exquisitely romantic debut novel that, like bestsellers The Solitude of Prime Numbers and One Day, captures the longing of lost--and sometimes found--love. Sold in 28 countries worldwide.
In the mid-1960s in a seaside town, Luka and Dora meet on their first day of kindergarten. The two children become inseparable over the next several years, wandering the shores of their town, lying on the rocks by the sea as Luka paints--until Dora's parents move to Paris, taking her with them. Bereft, Luka grows into a solitary young man and a promising painter. Meanwhile, in Paris, Dora blossoms into a successful actress.
Years later, Luka arrives in Paris for a show of his paintings, and by chance he and Dora meet again. Now adults, they fall back in love. Timing and fate, however, seem determined to keep them apart. Natasa Dragnic's Every Day, Every Hour is a haunting tale of star-crossed love that will entrance readers with its exquisite combination of hope and heartache.


Luka enters the world with a soft, half-hearted cry then grows quiet as he feels water sluice over his skin. The year is 1959, in Makarska, a small, peaceful harbour town in Croatia. Anka, the midwife, is also a neighbour, so it didn’t take her long to respond to the expectant father’s panicked calls. She...

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