Opening Heaven’s Door

What the Dying May Be Trying to Tell Us About Where They're Going

Publisher: Vintage Canada
A touching, exhilarating, challenging exploration of the inexplicable gleamings of another world many of us experience, in life, in grief, and near death.

     Sparked by extraordinary experiences that occured when her father and her sister both died in 2008, Patricia Pearson set off on an investigation into what she calls "a curious sort of modern underground--a world beneath the secular world, inhabited by ordinary human beings having extraordinary experiences that they aren't, on the whole, willing to disclose." Roughly half the bereaved population and an unreported number of the dying witness or experience a sensed presence, the mystery of near-death awareness, and, if they are not in horrible pain or medicated into unconsciousness, feelings of transcendence and grace as they depart on the journey from which none of us return.
     Pearson brings us effortlessly into her quest for answers, inspiring us to own up to experiences we may never have shared with anyone. If we let ourselves, all of us wonder deeply about these things, and also about the medical, social and psychological implications of passing through heaven's door.


 • Longlisted for the BC National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction

Praise for Opening Heaven's Door:
"It is a message to us, the living, that the world we know is richer and stranger than we think." --National Post

"This remarkable new a rare thing: bringing journalistic rigour to an impossible question." --The Globe and Mail

"Enormously engaging book.... This book conveys deep meaning and hope." --Larry Dossey, MD

"Full of well-researched and very reasonable evidence for the mysterious life beyond what we know and scientifically can prove.... For those who like to question the nature of life and unexplainable phenomena there is much here to be explored." --The Vancouver Sun

"For seekers and skeptics alike, Opening Heaven's Door is profoundly comforting, questing, and wise." --Marni Jackson, author of Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign