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Shadow Scale

A Companion to Seraphina

Publisher: Penguin Teen
The hotly anticipated sequel to The New York Times bestseller Seraphina!
A dragon war comes to Goredd in the much-anticipated sequel to the Governor General's Award-nominated novel Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.
As Seraphina Dombegh travels the Southlands in search of the other half-dragons to help in the war effort, the dragon general Comonot and his Loyalists fight against the upstart Old Guard with the fate of Goredd and the other human countries hanging in the balance.


"The anticipation for the sequel to the multiple award-winning debut novel Seraphina is palpable. . . . Hartman’s prose is delicate, complex and gorgeous, and the world of these books is lushly articulated. . . . Another deeply wonderful, attention-deserving offering that should be picked up, and soon."
The Globe and Mail

"[Hartman] continues to expand her world with enough history and detail to satisfy even the most questioning of readers, doing it all so naturally that it's hard to believe this is fiction. Dragon fiction has never flown higher. . . . here’s hoping there are more Goreddi tales to come."
Kirkus, starred review

“…the intricate plotting, clever surprises.. and lovely prose make this a worthy conclusion for all of Hartman’s big-hearted characters.”
Booklist starred review

"[Shadow Scale] outgrows Seraphina and sheds it like a skin. . . . [It is] refreshing and exciting. . . . I also loved, with a passion verging on the desperate, the fact that this fantasy world contains people of color, trans characters, gay characters. . . . Shadow Scale demonstrates that all these other ways of being are present and accounted for in the magnificent tapestry of its world."

"The intricate plotting, clever surprises . . . and lovely prose make this a worthy conclusion for all of Hartman’s big-hearted characters." —Booklist, starred review "This is a tale of love, mistakes, double-crosses, and pain—one that left me tied up in knots!"
—Tamora Pierce, New York Times-bestselling author