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A Scientific Romance

Publisher: Vintage Canada
In this critically acclaimed and bestselling novel, Ronald Wright has fashioned a story for our times, an unforgettable chronicle of love, plague and time travel in the tradition of Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Handmaid's Tale.


"Wright has come up with a treasure, a delightfully witty and suspenseful fantasy — in the rip-roaring tradition of the masters."
—Alberto Manguel, The Globe and Mail

"[A] virtuoso performance, an audacious leap ... into the unknown ... both beautifully realized and macabre.... This is an extraordinary novel, a brilliant synthesis of interpretive and imaginative elements, and, like the best fiction, a trenchant commentary on reality."
The Financial Post

"Dazzling — A Scientific Romance is — poetic, sexy, satirical, [and] layered with rich bits from the author's well-stocked mind."
The Globe and Mail

"A ripping yarn packed with head-turning ideas.... [Wright] artfully uses the archeology of the future to satiric ends.... A Scientific Romance is a feast of a read, succeeding both as entertainment and a provocative parable of environmental limits."
—Ted Mumford, NOW

"... A powerful visionary core ... few writers have imagined the future with such compelling and tragic urgency."
—John Bemrose, Maclean's

"Pure pleasure [and] — perfectly imagined....A deeply seductive and brilliantly sustained piece of adventure writing — enthrallingly descriptive, [which] turns into a compelling cultural satire."
The Observer

"In 100 years' time this book should be a classic."
The Guardian

"A skillful, thoughtful fantasy of the postmillennium ..."
The New York Times Book Review

"Cool, clever, and unsettling, A Scientific Romance [is] imaginatively created, richly detailed and at times effortlessly funny, [yet] bursting with rage at what is happening around us."
The Australian Bulletin

"...gloriously bizarre plotline...Ronald Wright..plays slyly with his literary tradition in his impressive first novel."
Sydney Morning Herald