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The Tree of Story

Publisher: Doubleday Canada

 Follow the story of Will and Rowen to its heart-stopping conclusion in The Tree of Story, the final book in the Perilous Realm trilogy!
     In this, the conclusion to the sweeping Perilous Realm trilogy, Will and Rowen journey through the Shadow Realm--a wasteland of deserted cities and abandoned belongings--to rescue Rowen's grandfather, the loremaster Nicholas Pendrake, and confront the evil Malabron once and for all. As they travel, they encounter blood-sucking harrowers and wraith-like fetches, and they must also confront the reality that their dear friend Shade is returning to his wolf-life state and will soon pose a grave threat to them both. And they have no time to waste, for war looms back in Fable, where the dastardly Ammon Brax has installed himself as Marshall and has plans to claim the city for himself.
     What will become of Shade, Pendrake, and the people of Fable? Will Rowen and Will be able to find Malabron at the Tree of Story and break his wicked spell before it's too late?


Praise for The Fathomless Fire:
"Intoxicating, breathless fantasy. . . . Wharton's poetic language--lovely from the outset in his gifted naming of Realm terminology such as 'Nightbane,' 'werefire,' 'Storyfolk' and 'the Ironwise'--makes this a natural pick for reading aloud."
--The Globe and Mail